Main features of backpack online

  • Below is a summary of the features with images
backpack online is the first comprehensive, browser based property management system (PMS) developed specifically for the hostel, budget hotel, guesthouse and B&B sector. It provides the core functionality required for managing all types of reservations, check ins/outs and taking booking payments. It also significantly aids property owners with the administrative, back-office effort involved in managing their properties, including inventory management, scheduling and financial accounting.

backpack online is a user-friendly interface, multilingual, with daily back up of data on our dedicated servers and mobile or PDA access to up-to-date, real-time data on the road. It is seamlessly integrated with Hostelworld.com, the market leading consumer site for the budget accommodation.

In all, it is the complete PMS for the unique needs of the budget accommodation sector, offering greater accessibility, data security and scalability than other solutions. All you need to access the system is internet access and a web browser.

Features include:

Day-to-Day running of your property
  • Today screen
    Enables you to see an overview of your property for today, arrivals, departures, in-house guests with a summary of nights, pax, and bill details.
Today Screen
  • Guest details
    View your bookings in depth with extensive information about your guests, take payments, add notes etc all at the click of a button.
Guest Details
  • Calendar view
    Allows you to see your overall availability for the next 2 weeks based on room types. It can be expanded to show the individual rooms associated to the relevant type.
Calendar View
Detailed Reports
  • List of all bedsLike an excel sheet it lets you see what bed/room your guests have been allocated too. It also indicates their status also e.g. In-house, Late and so on...
List all beds
  • Booking Analysis ReportFrom a marketing point of view you should know your guest! You can get an analysis or your bookings based on nationality, source of booking or booking type. This allows you to then target the market as required.
Booking analysis report
  • Guest ReportCustomise this report to meet your own requirements. Standard report shows guest name, room, bed and status but it can also include nationality, passport details, date of birth, gender and more...
Guest report
  • House Keeping ReportDisplays the status of each bed in the property on any given day.
House keeping report
Yield Management Tools
  • Price ViewColour coded, it gives a clear indication of your quiet and busy days. This screen allows you to create override rates and determine when your prices should be increases or decreased based on demand.
Price View
  • Occupancy Yield ReportDetailed report indicating the rack value of your property per night. It breaks it down by room types and displays your occupancy % and your yield %. It should be used to forecast your occupancy and adjust rates/room types accordingly.
Occupancy yield report
Other Tools
  • AllocationThe upload of allocations is easy with a simple short term or long term option. It is based on room types and can be done using percentages or bed numbers. There is also an "Always On" allocation which ensures that 100% of your beds are online all the time. This gives maximum exposure resulting in maximum revenue.
Long term allocation
  • RatesAgain based on rooms types it is quick and straight forward. Rates are done through seasons which you can create based on high or low season. Hostelworld.com will take your rack rate if the rates are the same, reducing the work load.
Rates Screen
  • MultilingualAvailable in English, French and Spanish with more languages to follow each staff member can use the system to suit their needs.