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Our FREE property management system

backpack online is an online reservation and property management system for your ENTIRE property not just the beds you have allocated to

As an existing Hostelworld property, you can avail of this property management system (PMS) FREE of charge. All we require in return is a minimum 15% allocation of your available beds to the website. But many of our providers recognise the benefits of making all their beds available for booking on the site.

So how does the process work? The process is extremely easy and will not disrupt the day-to-day management of your property. Firstly, you sign-up for backpack online here. We will then set up a database for you listing all your room types, room numbers and current rates. You then confirm the setup, enter your direct bookings, add allocation for and this will mean you are ready to go.

Any bookings made on or our affiliate sites are automatically sent through and updated on the backpack online PMS. This means you will no longer have to continuously monitor and update allocation, as it seamlessly updates at reception as well as online. Plus, if you decide to use our booking engine on your own website, all bookings made on your site will also update automatically on your backpack online system. The system is secure and you can set different profiles for staff or management restricting access to certain areas. It can also be restricted by IP address if required.

There are a myriad of other basic and advanced features that you will benefit from. Please refer to the features section of the site for more information on this. All in all, however, we are confident that you will agree backpack online is the most comprehensive, user-friendly, relevant and best value PMS available for budget accommodation providers. It will give you complete control over your property from any location worldwide and save you valuable time, cost and effort.